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I sent a question to this website called AllExperts to see what they said about Jack.  Here is what I got.

Subject: Speech delay or mountain out of molehill?

Volunteer Expert: Tim Runner

My 15 month old son has no words as of yet.  I started sign language with
him at 12 months and he currently has about 50+ signs.  His hearing is
100% and he communicates with me very well using either his signs or
gestures.  He will mimic me when I encourage him to say mama, baba, dada.
All other attempts to get him to mimic are ignored or he signs back at me.

He has been evaluated by Early On and they found that he scores higher than
age level in all areas except speech.  His signs known and used actually put
him higher than age level for language.  We are currently waiting (4 weeks)
for a call from the speech therapist to find out IF she wants to evaluate him.

My question is should I be worried??    I have heard everything.  He will grow
out of it, Einstein didn't talk until he was 4, you are creating the problem by
letting him sign instead of speak and more.

He seems to focus so hard on my mouth and WANT to mimic, but just can't.


It sounds to me that your son has a significant delay in speech and needs professional help right away. I'm glad that you are having your son assessed by a speech and language professional. Many medical insurance programs will pay for this. If your plan does not, contact the school in your area that he will be attending when he gets older and seek their help. They can tell you what government agency to contact for help.

I wish you and your son the best,
Tim Runner, Education Advocate
You can learn more at my web site: (for DSL and phone)

I am glad somebody agrees with me.  Thanks so much to everyone for the sweet comments and positive support about my stress level.  It is awesome to have people understand.
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  1. I've been reading your posts over the last few days after seeing the comments you left on Forever Folding Laundry. After reading this post, I had to leave a comment. My heart totally goes out to you. I really hope that you are able to find the resources you need to help. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing something as a mother and not having anyone validate your thoughts.

    I am simply quite amazed by you. A single mother of four. It is humbling. I frankly do not know how you do it. :)

    Best of luck with having your ex in your house. Hopefully the time will pass quickly.

    Hang in there!

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