After Jack's birthday party we left to visit Kindleberger Park. It was the last night of their summer concert series. We were so excited because one of the coolest Beatles tribute bands was playing. They are called Shout and were amazing!

I am 3!

Three years ago, my fourth son was born.  You may remember that we were told he was a girl.  He has brought so much joy to all of our lives.  Happy Birthday, Jack!!

Crash Test Dummies

Today, go cart adventure was more like bumper cars!!

Crash #1

Crash #2

Crash #3

I don't know if I will ever let them go back again..GEEESH!

Vicodin hiccups

Nico, my oldest son had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  He did very well and so far doesn't have too much swelling or bruising.  He does however have the hiccups.  All.  Day.  Long.

He had them before he woke up because he dreamed that his brother had a snake that had the hiccups.  I noticed he had them right away.  We have tried every home remedy with poor results.  He has now had them for at least 12 hours.  He also has terrible heartburn. 

I figure the heart burn might be from the ibuprophen or antibiotic.  I thought maybe the vicodin was causing the hiccups.  When you google hiccups and vicodin you get many many results and most of them mention wisdom tooth removal surgery.

It is crazy to think that having your wisdom teeth out could trigger persistant hiccups.  Some sites theorize it is due to the general anesthesia.  Some guess it is because the throat and neck are manipulated in the surgery.  Some wonder if it is the vicodin.  If they are not gone by morning we are off to the doctor.  I read more than a few cases where they hiccups lasted for weeks.  He is NOT going through that.  Poor kid has enough to handle just healing from the surgery.

Have you ever heard of such a thing??

A new type of school

This past week I went back to school.  After a semester and a half of land based school kicking my butt I have changed directions.  I am now attending an online university.  I have to be truthful and say I have always looked at online universities as "not so good" or maybe along the lines of correspondence school.  Some in depth research proved me wrong.  I took a workshop class prior to my first actual class and discovered an amazing wealth of resources.  My degree will also be viewed as just as good as a degree earned in a bricks and mortar school.  Man, how times have changed.

Along with researching this for myself I had to make a huge decision for the kids education.  My two older boys were failing.  My incredibly intelligent gifted children were making terrible grades.  I was ready to pull them out for homeschooling again. 

I then found out about a online public charter school.  WHAT??  Free online accredited school?  Color me impressed.  My sons will be beginning their first semester in September at Connections Academy.  We went through an extensive application process and were accepted.  My oldest will have to repeat a few classes, but can do summer school to catch up and graduate with his class in 2014. 

I am hoping that with all four of us schooling at home we will be able to reach the potential I know is in there somewhere.

Ren Faire Funny

While enjoying The Rogues, we hear the band leader call out, " I see you in the bushes!!"

Guess who was dancing like a woodland sprite?
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