Three times the fear!

There is a house on my street that has always looked suspicious.  Haphazard yard work, different cars coming and going.  We jokingly have called it the "meth house"  A year or two ago, some new people moved in and made great changes.  They began a slow, but steady process of remodeling and I wondered if maybe they were going to flip it.

While doing a routine search in my zip code for sex offenders, I discovered that my new "better" neighbor was indeed a sex offender with a felony towards a child under 13.  Sigh.  I  know they are everywhere and having done their time have a right to live back in society, but come on!

I warned the kids, showed them the man's picture and told my neighbors with children of his presence.  I felt like it was us against him.  Recently, we discovered two more men with sex crimes listed to that address.

I thought, no way, they are pulling a fast one on the parole board, that can't be allowed.  My nosy-get-things-done mom puts in a call to the parole board or somewhere.  She is told that, yes, they are all registered and living at that address.  They, in fact, share a parole officer and are current and compliant.

Its just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

It feels like spring

We have had some awesome 50-60 degree weather this week.  All the snow is melted and the ground can be seen!  I know better than to believe it is the end of old man winter though.  I wouldn't be surprised if we were snowed in next week.  BUT, I am incredibly grateful and happy that THIS week has been so nice.  I drove with the windows down today.  Jack went on the playground.  The sun is shining.  I am happy.

I Love Subtitles

I love foreign  comedies and the occasional drama.  Netflix, my  new boyfriend, has been providing me with old favorites and some new good ones this weekend.  I thought I would share.

This is a sweet story of two awkward men newly released from a mental institution in Norway.  They are given an apartment in Oslo and encouraged to be normal.  This is a favorite and I love seeing bits of myself in people considered crazy.

Monsoon Wedding
I think this became more mainstream than the others I love.  I was first sent a song from this soundtrack by an internet friend and loved it.  I then searched out the movie and also loved it.  The story follows an Indian family as they prepare for an arranged marriage.  There are a few dramatic twists and an adorable inner story of a second wedding.   Only the dialog in Hindi is subtitled, so be prepared to pay attention as the heavily accented English can be tough.

My life as a dog
This was a new one for me, but very sweet.  A young Swedish boy is sent to live with family while his mother is ill.  The small town is filled with interesting characters who all welcome him with open arms.  There is some nudity, but it isn't overtly sexual.  This movie kept me interested and happy.  I will probably watch it again.

An orthodox Jewish couple prepares to celebrate the Succoth holiday with no money in modern day Jerusalem.  Much prayers bring a miracle and a test in the form of two unexpected travelers.  The acting by the two main characters was incredibly believable and touching.  I really enjoyed this movie although it seemed slow in some parts.

Rice Box oh fun.

Jack's favorite activity.

The rice box is soothing, interesting, full of treasures.  It makes me quiet.
It feels good on my hands and arms.  It sounds different when I pour the rice on more rice or on the bottom of the box

The rice box makes me an explorer, an architect and an excavation specialist.  I am a pirate hiding buried treasure.  I am a pirate finding buried treasure and stealing it!  

I assumed the rice box would be a super messy crazy playtime event.  I have never been more wrong.  It puts Jack in a very Zen place and any rice that escapes the box is easily vacuumed up.  Every kid needs one.

Things like this make me happy

Wacky Cake Time!!!

Last year, I made Skyler a wacky cake that went over bigtime.

How in the world would we top that??  Well, the solution for that is to call in Lala and Aunt Toodie and let them have their way with the cake!!

Amazing job!!!

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