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The Fais Do-Do to recruit volunteers was good.  Downside-- only half of the RSVPs showed up.   Upside--I took a lot of food to the The Haven of Rest last night.  Another upside is I finally got the last major station covered.  Downside-- I had to offer to do most of the prep of supplies.  
All in all, I am pleased.  The people that did show up were attentive and willing. I can't ask for more.
Now look at my cute ivillage signature made for me by somebody with talent!

Tonight is the VBS recruiting Fais Do-Do

Fais do-do
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fais do-do is a name for a Cajun dance party, originating before World War II. According to Mark Humphrey the parties were named for "the gentle command ('go to sleep') young mothers offered bawling infants."[1] He quotes early Cajun musician Edwin Duhon of the Hackberry Ramblers, "She'd go to the cry room, give the baby a nipple and say, 'Fais do-do.' She'd want the baby to go to sleep fast, 'cause she's worried about her husband dancing with somebody else out there."
'Do-do' itself is a shortening of the French verb dormir (to sleep), used primarily in speaking to small children. Comparable to the American English "beddy-bye", it is still commonly used by French-speaking people.
Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana used to host one of the most famous contemporary fais do-do, an annual bash which raises money for his reelection campaigns and for charity. The fais do-do was featured in the November 28, 2006 broadcast of NPR's All Things Considered.

I am off to the church reception hall to do the decorating.  Wish me luck!

Beans and Boys

First I was freaking out over the lack of response for the VBS recruiting dinner.  Now I am freaking out because I have to make red beans and rice for 35 people!!  I am kidding, I am only mildly freaking.  I just want it to all go well.  This will be the first big thing I have done with the congregation watching.  I am incredibly blessed because I don't actually have to cook the beans.  My dad makes an awesome red beans and rice and is cooking them for me.  
In other news, Jack is doing well.  He is verbalizing more and more, even if it isn't correctly.  Today, I figured out that when he is saying "ma" while playing with his animals that he is saying cat.  Don't ask me dude, I just work here.
Jack's approximations.
Bah=ball, bath
Bah Bah=bye bye, bubble, Sponge Bob
Mah=milk, cat, move
Mah Mah= Mama
Nah Nah=Nico ( we say Neenee)
Eh=Elijah or E
D D=Skyler or Ky Ky
Ah eh=Uhoh!!
Lala-=Lala (his L causes his tongue to come completely out of his mouth)
He is improving drastically with his sign language and picks up new ones so super fast.  
The big boys are hating school as the weather gets nicer and nicer.  Elijah went to a skate park with a friend this weekend and has a new love of the sport.  His birthday is coming and I am looking at small ramps for the basement.  Nico was really sick last week and has spent the weekend doing catch up work.  He is much better now.  Skyler spent the night with a friend last night and showed up to church sleepy, but happy.
As for me, I am well!  I am on Facebook way too much and trying to find things outside of VBS to obsess over.  HA!

Facebook is killing me

Once again, somebody has posted pics from college and I am reminded of how NOT fat I was.   Sigh.  I am the wild haired beauty on the right.

Donations accepted

Why is everything cool so expensive???

I want to do this  and I want to own  this, but my savings is


Breathe, Monica, Breathe

I have mentioned that I am in charge of vacation bible school at church.  This is my first year of a three year term.  It is the largest thing I have ever planned.  This church, which I love dearly, is dying.  Our congregation is mostly seniors and about 20 members pretty much are in charge of everything.  Everybody wears multiple hats.  I had been attending for 8 months and a member for 5 when I was nominated to take over the largest outreach this church has.  That ought to tell you something.

Everybody says they are behind me.  Everybody has encouraged me and praised me when I have done good.  The same few that do everything have pledged to volunteer.  I thought it was going well.  I did an "adopt a croc" fundraiser that brought in more than I could have hoped for.

I put an insert in last Sundays bulletin with a tear off section.  I am throwing a volunteer "fais do-do" to get the rest of my volunteers.  Feed them red beans and rice and get them all fat and happy and then show them DVD clips of kids just loving the program and snare them..lol

I got ONE tear off section in the offering plate marked with 2 to attend.  That was from the chairman of the Christian Ed Board.  I almost fainted.  Without volunteers this VBS will not happen.  I am hoping that people just didn't notice the insert because there was something printed on the back as well.

I am in a near state of panic and I imagine this all spiraling out of control and not happening.

I gotta go pray.

Just Facebook fluff

So tired

Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in almost a week.  There has been stuff to report, sure.  Exciting and good things have happened.  But, I am just lazy and tired..lol

I haven't had the urge to post.  But, I am still readin!

I will be back to my posty self soon, I am sure.

I am a winner!

This morning while driving Jack to speech therapy I won movie passes from Home.fm for recognizing the theme to Sanford and Sons

That rules.  We never get to go to the movies.  I mean never.  Paying for 4 tickets and snacks is seriously out of our budget.  I hope they come in time for us to go see Monsters Vs Aliens!

Funniest picture from the trip

Them tiny carousels are so scary!

Road Trip Day 4, so much family!

The visit with Nana was so much better than I had hoped for.  I am pretty sure she remembered me and was so happy to see all the kids.  She had fallen earlier in the week and had a shiner than was impressive.  We took her to lunch and spent about 2 and a half hours with her.  I am so so very glad that I made this trip.  I needed to see her.

That night we met my step-brothers, Rob and Brandon, and their families for dinner.  I had only met Rob and Brandon once before when I was 19 and they were like 13 and 11, or something.  It was an excellent dinner.  It was good for my bio dad to have all his kids, step kids and grandkids in one place at the same time.

We are currently in McLean, Illinois where we stopped overnight and have about 5.5. hours until Battle Creek and home.  Grandpa Mike is riding back with us and will get to see us play handbells in church on Sunday.

White Trash Road Trip Day 3

Tomorrow we are going to visit my Nana Shirley, one of the main reasons for this trip.  I am so nervous.  She is so different than I remember her and I am afraid I am going to scare her by crying or something.  Pray for me.

White trash road trip-Day Two

White trash road trip-Day One

Today was a dream.  The kids, ALL the kids were awesome.  Jack cried exactly zero times.  He took a small nap around 2:30 pm and woke up sweet.  The big boys were quiet and mellow and sweet.

Look at Jack standing with the big boys for a picture!

Riding in the car
My co-pilot!
Route 66

Funks Grove what?
The Arch!!  WE are going up in that thing tomorrow morning!

And they are off!

Ok, not until Monday, but the packing has begun.  I have said for years that I needed to visit my bio dad and my Nana.  Something always got in the way, usually money.  Sometimes it was fear.  My parents and ex husband HATE that I am willing to travel alone with the kids anywhere.  Apparently I am an idiot behind the wheel.  I understand what they are saying, but the truth of the matter is I am single.  I don't have an instant second driver and I am not going to miss seeing my Nana before she passes away because of it.

Whew, I got worked up there for a minute.  

So, I am organizing to pack at the moment.  My van seems huge until you put a stroller and a few suitcases in it.  I am thinking of going to buy a few space bags?  Anybody have any stories about those?

Have a great weekend everyone!

You know you were wonderin

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