Beans and Boys

First I was freaking out over the lack of response for the VBS recruiting dinner.  Now I am freaking out because I have to make red beans and rice for 35 people!!  I am kidding, I am only mildly freaking.  I just want it to all go well.  This will be the first big thing I have done with the congregation watching.  I am incredibly blessed because I don't actually have to cook the beans.  My dad makes an awesome red beans and rice and is cooking them for me.  
In other news, Jack is doing well.  He is verbalizing more and more, even if it isn't correctly.  Today, I figured out that when he is saying "ma" while playing with his animals that he is saying cat.  Don't ask me dude, I just work here.
Jack's approximations.
Bah=ball, bath
Bah Bah=bye bye, bubble, Sponge Bob
Mah=milk, cat, move
Mah Mah= Mama
Nah Nah=Nico ( we say Neenee)
Eh=Elijah or E
D D=Skyler or Ky Ky
Ah eh=Uhoh!!
Lala-=Lala (his L causes his tongue to come completely out of his mouth)
He is improving drastically with his sign language and picks up new ones so super fast.  
The big boys are hating school as the weather gets nicer and nicer.  Elijah went to a skate park with a friend this weekend and has a new love of the sport.  His birthday is coming and I am looking at small ramps for the basement.  Nico was really sick last week and has spent the weekend doing catch up work.  He is much better now.  Skyler spent the night with a friend last night and showed up to church sleepy, but happy.
As for me, I am well!  I am on Facebook way too much and trying to find things outside of VBS to obsess over.  HA!
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  1. Glad you are well. Keep hanging in there!


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