Reason # 393 That I don't go into the basement

Apraxia on TV

A news report on Apraxia


Today we went to Moo-Ville 

Jack loved seeing animals he has only seen in books.  He signed the name of every single one and was so excited.
Until the goat tried to eat his stroller
Hamabel Lecter
Graceful exit.
We took a wagon ride pulled by two of the biggest mules I have ever seen.
Now that is how you exit gracefully, right Tiffany?

Insomniatic Post

I can't sleep tonight. But, today (or yesterday by now) Jack had an EXCELLENT speech therapy session. The night before he was playing with homemade play-dough and as usual I was babbling to him. I kept focusing on the word dough for a bit and he said it. His first O sound. Even his Uh-oh was more of a uh-eh.

Then today at ST I told her she should get out the play-dough and he kept saying it. Dough, Dough, Dough. He says it with a very strong D and the O is kinda nasaly, but he said the O sound!!!

The OT worked with him for about 15 minutes and talked with me about the home work he and I had done this past week. His tongue has no lateral movement really and what little there is is always to his right side. He also will not stick his tongue straight up or out. When out of his mouth it is always hanging down his chin. I am not sure if you can get the visual or not.

He is still choking in thin liquids and chewing foods a bit then spitting them out. Mixed textures and sizes come right back out. He just doesn't know what to do with some foods.

They recommended that I ask his PCP to order a barium swallow study. I made the appointment and we shall see what she says.  We are wondering if his tongue is weak or is it a motor planning issue or maybe even a possible neurological deficit?

Bonus parenting joy today- Jack said HI for the first time.  My cup runneth over.

Because of sign language

Conversation with Jack this morning. Words in "" are signs. Our habit is to get back in my bed with his bottle of pediasure before waking the big boys to get ready for school. We get about ten minutes of quiet snuggle time. On days when we are running late, like today, he doesn't like to give up the routine.

Jack--ma ma ma "milk"
Mommy-- Yes, but you have to drink it in the car today, we overslept.
Jack--mama mama "mama" "bed"
Mommy- No, we have to wake the big boys now.
Jack-"boys" "sleep"

He then proceeds to call my name constantly while I get his pediasure and wake the other boys. I return to my room where he gets in his spot and points for me to lay down next to him.

Mommy--Ok, but we don't have much time, just a quick snuggle ok?
Jack--mama (said with much satisfaction and he wraps his hands in my hair and drinks his bottle)

Five minutes later, I remind him that we have to get up and get moving.

Mommy--Jack, its time to get up and get dressed.
Jack--Shakes head no.
Mommy--We have to drive the boys to school.
Jack--shakes head no
Mommy--How will the boys get to school???
Mommy--They can't go in an airplane, we have to drive them in the car.
Jack--ma "cat"
Mommy--Oh the cat can drive the boys to school??
Jack--crackes up laughing, he told me a joke and knows it.

At this point, I have the giggles so hard. Then he really gets me.

Jack--does the sign that means Julie or speech therapy, he made this one up
Mommy--We dont have speech today, Jack
Jack--slams his hand on his leg and hollars, then signs "speech/julie"
Mommy--Oh, you will get up to go to speech but not drive the boys to school
Jack--rah (this is his sound for yeah)
Mommy--No silly boy. We are getting up and driving the boys to school.
Jack closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the ability to teach Jack sign language. Thank you for giving him the ability to learn it. This child blesses me every single day.

Well well well

That is my mantra these days.  Jack is better, but still coughing like a 75 year old smoker.  Tonight, Elijah has his friend spend the night as a birthday treat, but the poor kiddo hasn't had a real fan fare birthday.  He is finally a teen and it all fizzled out for him.  He is dealing with it well, but I feel bad.

Things are ok, just healing up the sick ones and keep the well ones well.

I am still reading everybody, good job and posting all the time!!
Today is Elijah's 13th birthday.  He was born on Mother's Day 1996 and is a joy in my life.  He is the one yelling like a madman over crossing the Indiana border.

The following situation is preventing me from doing the post that I want to do.  So, I will be saying Happy Birthday and doing a good job for him later.  He understands.  
Jack has pneumonia and is pathetic.  See you in a few.

Three days until Two teens

Elijah will turn 13 on Tuesday.  He is an awesome kid and I am so proud of him.  Little does he know that I am gonna be scanning baby pictures of him for a tribute post!
 Shhh, dont tell him.


First,  Sassafras is doing great.  I have been keeping her in a giant dog crate until I make sure she doesn't have the cooties.  She is eating and even seems to be filling out already.  Her digestion is working because she just tried to kill us via toxic fumes.  Her purr survived her vacation.

Jack is doing good in speech and saw the occupational therapist today for a quick eval.  She suggested some things that I have already tried and some that I haven't.  Tomorrow I will buy straws, pudding, yogurt, licorice and teddy grahams.  I shall document any successes.

I am covered in a very odd rash that isn't hives, but itches like hives.  They have given me claritin, benedryl, zyrtec and some lotion that is for scabies.  I don't have scabies, but this lotion can stop all itches.  Except this one.  It looks like small raised red bumps.  If I don't scratch it settles down to pink bumps.  But bright red when I scratch.  It showed up after yard work last Friday.  I am going mental.

Mom thinks it might be stress related or perhaps my body has developed an allergy to my zoloft.  I dunno, but it must end now!  I am trying to not go crazy.

Tomorrow afternoon the kids and I are off to do yard work for a church member and I am so afraid that I am going to break out more.  We shall see!

That picture up there is what my 14 year old does in school when he is supposed to be IN SCHOOL!  At least he isn't out tagging government buildings.

Fifty One Days

I never thought I would see this cat again.  Not only is she old, like 11 0r 12, but she is also front paw declawed.

So, explain to me why she was sitting in the front yard when we came home today.  51 one days after getting out, she is back.  She weighs about a pound, but she is back.

God answers all prayers.

I need a new attitude.


I am down.  I don't know why.  The weather is changing to awesome.  This is normally "my" time of year.

I just feel bleh.  I feel sad and overwhelmed and did I mention bleh?

I know it will pass.  I am gonna go pray it gone.

Where is Spring

Last week, spring came. Now, it is cold and rainy and blech. No fair.

At least it is the WEEKEND!!!! Hope everybody has an excellent one spent loving up your family.
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