First,  Sassafras is doing great.  I have been keeping her in a giant dog crate until I make sure she doesn't have the cooties.  She is eating and even seems to be filling out already.  Her digestion is working because she just tried to kill us via toxic fumes.  Her purr survived her vacation.

Jack is doing good in speech and saw the occupational therapist today for a quick eval.  She suggested some things that I have already tried and some that I haven't.  Tomorrow I will buy straws, pudding, yogurt, licorice and teddy grahams.  I shall document any successes.

I am covered in a very odd rash that isn't hives, but itches like hives.  They have given me claritin, benedryl, zyrtec and some lotion that is for scabies.  I don't have scabies, but this lotion can stop all itches.  Except this one.  It looks like small raised red bumps.  If I don't scratch it settles down to pink bumps.  But bright red when I scratch.  It showed up after yard work last Friday.  I am going mental.

Mom thinks it might be stress related or perhaps my body has developed an allergy to my zoloft.  I dunno, but it must end now!  I am trying to not go crazy.

Tomorrow afternoon the kids and I are off to do yard work for a church member and I am so afraid that I am going to break out more.  We shall see!

That picture up there is what my 14 year old does in school when he is supposed to be IN SCHOOL!  At least he isn't out tagging government buildings.

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  1. Anna Says:

    Hope the rash clears up. I get one like that on my jaw line when I get stressed, it's terrible!

    Glad Jack is doing well, love to hear about his progress, he's an amazing little boy.

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