I love you conquered

Rough week

I wish I had a happy post.  I wish things were going better.  I have been posting less and less because I haven't had anything good to say really.  I am in a rough patch.  It happens every few years.  I will rise from the ashes again soon, I am sure.  I always manage to do so.

Other than my attitude, things here are good.  My health is really concerning me.  I am angry for treating my body so badly.  I am sad that getting better, healthier takes so much effort and time.  I would love some instant results please.

BUT,  I am ok.  We are ok.  You're ok.  Wait, I think I have that book around here somewhere.  A garage sale find.

Into the void

My sleep study results were cruddy.  I stopped breathing 187 times in 5 and a half hours.  My O2 saturation went into the low 70s multiple times an hour.  I am heading back to the sleep center tonight for another night hooked up.  This time they add the CPAP machine and adjust it while I am sleeping until it is enough pressure to keep my airway open.

Many people claim that CPAP is a miracle.  It is life changing.  Vast improvements in mood and health.

I hope so.  My depression has recently required a med change, I feel terrible all the time, I have a hard time staying awake in the daytime.

Wish me luck on round 2 of my quest for sleep.

Surviving a sleep study

Arriving to find the room this nice was a great surprise.

They request clean hair with no product in it.  Hence my carrot top hair-do.

The nurse connected 15 leads on my head, including three on my chin, which I HATED.  Two more leads on my chest, one on my neck, and one on each leg.   Then she added a pulse oxymeter to one finger and a nasal canula to monitor airflow.

Not everyone can rock this look, people.

It took me more than 3 hours to fall asleep, but when I did, they were able to get good information.  Wake up was at 5 am this morning.  The shower did not have shampoo and the goo in my hair wasn't as water soluble as the nurse said.

All in all, a sleep study wasn't as bad as I thought.  I was sure that I wouldn't sleep at all, but I did for about 4 solid hours.  The nurse was very nice and the bed was comfortable.  I will find out if I have sleep apnea later this coming week.

The moral is if you snore and wake up tired, don't fear the sleep study.  If I can do it, you can do it.

Dear Florida

I miss you

Who Dat!

I wish I was down home tonight to celebrate with friends and family for our Saints!
Good job, boys!!
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