IFSP 6 month review, great news!

Today was Jack's six month review for his Individualized Family Service Plan.  His speech therapist met with us and went over what his goals were, what he has accomplished so far and where we go from here.  I was hoping we could begin some therapy specifically for his eating and drooling issues.  I was a little worried  that he would no longer qualify for services because of his improvements.  I KNOW that he still has serious issues, but I don't quite understand that testing processes.

BUT, I shouldn't have been worried.  He is still behind his peers, but they didn't even test him this time.  It was just a "let's see if what we are doing is still ok" session.  The biggest victory was getting the addition of occupational therapy to the mix.  I am thrilled about this.  The OT has observed him twice and offered up advice and exercises, but now it will occur officially. 

Another excellent event is that the therapists are seeking an in-service in PROMPT therapy which is directly related to Apraxia!!  Jack's therapist even included a quote from the inventor as part of Jack's IFSP. 

Today was a good day.

Speech progress

Up for 1, Down for 2

Catching up

Hello everybody!!

We are still here, alive and kicking.  I knew life would get busy with me back in college, but I was shocked by how busy.  Every single night, I am fighting to stay awake to get things done.  My body is really reacting too all the movement.  For many years now I have couch potatoed all day while the big boys were in school.

I am earning my grades with my entire body.  Within the first week I had an ingrown toenail.  The following Tuesday I discovered it was infected and went for antibiotics.  Who could imagine that such a tiny area of the body could shut down your ability to walk?

Speaking of walking, I am doing a lot of that.  This campus has the worst parking for commuter students.  Its insane how far the parking garages are from the classroom buildings.  I literally cried the first day.  I wasn't prepared for the amount of walking.  I have gotten much better with it and have discovered a few short cuts.  My endurance is already improving.

I like all my classes and teachers. Here is a quick overview:
Holistics-Choices in Living
This might be an easy class if I pay attention.  Some of it is no brainer stuff and the papers required are only two pages double spaced.  I have had two quizzes and aced them.  I am waiting for a grade back on the first project.
Intro to Communication Disorders and Sciences
This is my first required class for the SLP degree.  I really like this teacher, the class only holds about 50 students and its a beautiful building.  I have a few things turned in for grades but haven't gotten them back.  The bummer is the book store didn't order enough books and I am one of those without one for now.
Sociology-Non-western World
I also like this teacher and why people act the way they do fascinates me, so I think its going to be good.  He seems to be serious about grades though so the tests might be difficult. There are 200 students in this class, its HUGE.  But, he still gives us plenty of time for discussions.  No grades in this one yet.
Music Appreciation-Jazz/Pop
I love this class so far.  I know music so some of the questions on the first test were cake for me, I didn't feel a need to study too much.  Once we get into more jazz specific questions, I will need to work harder, but I still think I am going to be good.  The cool thing is the book came with several CDs showcasing some of the most popular cuts from across the history of Jazz.  Good stuff!!

It's also staying around 70 degrees or less here, so fall is coming!!

My facelift

I got a facelift!

Ok, really the blog did. My friend, Sleep Goblin, has done it again!

I gots the blues....for homework

I am actually truly too busy to blog!  I hate that.

I am listening to my homework for music appreciation and it is totally great music!  I knew I kinda liked jazz and the blues, but I had no idea how many variations there are.  It's crazy!  Last week finished up good.  I am getting used to the walking, but I have miles to go, literally.

The kids are great and the laundry is piling up.  My mind is scattered about, kind of like this post.  But we are doing pretty darn good.

I hit some very decent yard sales yesterday and got some cool educational things for Jack, lacing beads, another peg board.  We are heading to a friends for dinner in a hour or so, but I just wanted to say hi to everyone!

Things I have learned thus far

1.  I really am the oldest fattest student in all my classes. 

2.  The 3 block walk uphill from the parking garage to Sangren Hall is twice as far as it looks.

3.  The classrooms in the health building are plush, like I wanna move in plush.

4.  College boys are still hot, only now they can be a felony or at least a moral dilemma.

5.  The Western Michigan University campus is huge.  I had to turn on my GPS to find my way out at one point.

6.  I am going to do well in all 4 classes.  Unlike that one goth girl who slept.

7.  Walking downhill the 3 blocks back to the parking garage is just as hard on the calf muscles.

8.  The word "like" can be used in a sentence 5-10 times without your peers loosing track of what you are saying.  The elders in the room, however, will be utterly lost.

Night friends!!

Too cool for school, nah, just cool enough.

I am off to be educated again..wish me luck!

Do you know where the truth is?

I have spent too much time lately wondering how much of what we are hearing lately about the government is propaganda and how much is truth . I am getting emails daily, forwards, from family and friends claiming some very disturbing things. Does anyone know where to go for the facts? I sure don't. I serioiusly want to develop an opinion about the current situation, but I can't. I refuse to believe any of it at face value and the media can not be trusted to report the truth.

I worry because I know that I might be required to discuss the situation or even write a paper on aspects of it in the coming years for classes. I know that I could BS my way through a paper claiming to be on one side or the other, but I don't want to do that. I want to know what is going on up there in Washington. Don't you?

On to less controversial topics, our family friend and her daughters were over tonight for food and fun. The kids play so nice together when I can get Jack to actually warm up to them. He acts like they are strangers for the first few minutes....every...single....time. I know he has the ability to remember people because he remembers us when we leave. He remembers my parents even if we haven't seen them for days.

Is he shy? I dunno. Even once we warms up he plays cautiously. He does NOT like to wrestle around. He does not like to sit with bodies touching. He needs a space bubble like I have never seen. With family he isn't like that. He will sit cuddled up and waller all over his brothers. So I guess I won't worry.

Is it just me or is Joel Osteen creeping up on a mullet?

2nd Birthday Pictures

Every man, a student

Next Tuesday, all the big folks start the fall semester.  I have all supplies (except my books which we are heading over today to get), the driving schedule is fixed and ready, uniforms are washed,  a good friend showed me a back way to campus and I colored my hair.

(If you don't think the last part is vital, something is wrong with you.)

There are two major things left, one of those being books.  I feel like I am missing something important.  My biggest worry is that I will drop one of those imaginary balls that we moms are always juggling.  I am struggling with the knowledge that I am going to have to let some things go.  My house might be messier.  It might even be dirtier.  I have to let go of my position at the church.  No more VBS for me.  I won't be a stay at home mom for Jack anymore.

Change is hard, even when it is for the greater good.

In an effort to streamline my life,  I was searching for speedier hair care and discovered plopping.  Whoever named it didn't give it much thought, but I slept with my prepared damp hair up in the method and holy wow!  My curls are so much nicer this morning.

On a normal day, my hair tends to be a bit fuzzy, I don't mind it really, its just how things are with my head.  Inside and out actually.  HA!

This is about 30 minutes after unwrapping my hair and without any thing additional done to it.  I might be hooked.  Later on I will check it out in natural light after it air dries 100%.  I would say it is 80% dry now.

So, tell me?  Do you plop?
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