I gots the blues....for homework

I am actually truly too busy to blog!  I hate that.

I am listening to my homework for music appreciation and it is totally great music!  I knew I kinda liked jazz and the blues, but I had no idea how many variations there are.  It's crazy!  Last week finished up good.  I am getting used to the walking, but I have miles to go, literally.

The kids are great and the laundry is piling up.  My mind is scattered about, kind of like this post.  But we are doing pretty darn good.

I hit some very decent yard sales yesterday and got some cool educational things for Jack, lacing beads, another peg board.  We are heading to a friends for dinner in a hour or so, but I just wanted to say hi to everyone!
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  1. Anna Says:

    glad your first week went well, woo hoo for yard sales

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