Hoarding mistake or vintage genius?

I found two Bop magazines from the 80s in my keepsake box today.  I was cleaning it out and hadn't been to the bottom of it in years.  I also found a poster of Duran Duran.  I am trying to throw them away, but can't.  I checked Ebay and somebody is selling a Bop from 1984 for almost $50.

So, you tell me, hoarding or genius?

Out of Surgery

Nico is still in recovery, but done with his surgery.  The surgeon said the abscess was a bit larger than a golf ball, but cleaned out well.  He did have a fistula running into his colon, but he closed that up.  I am in the room waiting for them to bring my boy back to me!

He is going to have a painful recovery, but not as painful as it was before surgery.  He is a trooper that is for sure. 

Nico update

Nico is scheduled for surgery to remove/drain the abscess at 2pm.  They say we will be allowed to go home afterwards.  I hope we are home for dinner, but I suspect it may be more like 8 or 9pm.  He is doped up and resting well.  I am not sure what the aftercare will be like yet, but I am dreading the discomfort and pain I know he will continue to feel until it completely heals.

Thanks for the well wishes!!

A Pain in the Butt Night in the Hospital

This post contains much bum, butt, rear info.  You have been warned. 

My oldest son, Nico, has been having pain since Saturday.  It has gotten worse over time and evolved into a perirectal abscess.  Poor guy hasn't been able to sit or walk right for several days.  An ER visit last night found no cause for his pain and we were sent home.  A doc appt today found a small lump.  She said she would refer us to a colorectal surgeon for diagnosis.  By 5pm, he was miserable and a large swelling had formed.  He also developed a fever.  Back to the ER we went.  The thing had more than quadrupled in a 5 hour span. 

He has been admitted for the night and is on morphine and IV antibiotics.  He is sleeping ok now.  Tomorrow, the specialist will see him and decide how to drain it.  He might be facing a trip to the operating room. 

I am exhausted.  I had my second migraine on Tuesday.  I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night after our first ER trip.  I know I won't sleep tonight. 

It stinks when our kids are hurting. 

Giving in is hard!

I will admit it, the air is cooler, a few trees are beginning to change.

It's Fall!

I am getting more and more like my momma as I age.  I want it decorated!!

And I promised these two I would NOT put this picture on Facebook.  So I am putting it here.

99 isn't just for red balloons

There isn't much going on here except school school school!  School is going well.  I got a 99 on my last paper!  Because I am so dang proud of myself, I feel a need to post my professor's comments.

10/10 Mechanics

20/20 Composition

9/10 References

60/60 Content & Organization

VERY well done, Monica! The ONLY area of concern is the reference page. For

the most part, they are compliant. However, I would encourage you to check the

citation generator the college has in the virtual library to see if you can

determine where your mistakes are. Here's a hint..."the devil is in the

Let me know what questions you have or if you can't determine where the errors

are. Thanks!
That makes a girl feel good, I tell ya!
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