Playing with macro

First off, I noticed I have really pretty eyes
                            My second thought, I need to take more care with my mascara, what a hot,

My goal is to do pictures like this with all four of my sons and collage them together for a wall print.  Getting the two year old to participate is going to be painful.

Catching up

I haven't done a proper blog in awhile and I was starting to feel a bit guilty.

First a recap

We survived and enjoyed a visit from the boys dad and my ex-husband.

My aunt, my mom's sister, moved up here to live with us.  We are all so very grateful to have her here.

I have begun working on getting the yard nice for the season.

It will never  be as nice as my mom's yard.  She added a new nook this year called Jack's garden.

The kids and I went to an indoor water park.

And I have been trying to decide what to do about continuing my education.  I am at an apathetic standstill at the moment.  There is no picture for that.

Things here are ok, not bad, better than ordinary.  I need to blog more.  I like it and it helps me think.

Peach out,

What sound does a....

cat make when it doesn't manage to land on its feet??

Hahahahahahahahah, sorry I know it's juvenile, but hahahahahahahaha

Pirates Island, by Monica Berrios

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