37 and counting

In 35 minutes, it will be my 37th birthday.  I have always enjoyed having a New Year's Eve birthday, but this year will be pretty subdued.  A few friends and family over for dinner and Wii.  Maybe a board game or two, some New Year's Rocking Eve.

Having a December 31st birthday has always make me feel like every new year is truly brand new.  A new age to begin the year.  I finished the last semester with 2 As, an A/B and a D.  My goal for 2010 is straight As.  Now I know that I can get As, I just need to work a bit harder on the papers.  

Every year, I also vow to lose weight.  Sigh.  For ten years now I have vowed to change my eating and exercise habits. Every year I get heavier. 

I think grades are enough for this year.  Everything else will be buttah.

For our gathering tomorrow I am crock potting a roast and trying a new recipe for potato soup.  With half and half.  And buttah.

MMMMM, buttttterrr.  

Another appliance meltdown.

While attempting to do laundry the other day, the dryer wouldn't turn on.  My dad has taken out all the obvious trouble makers and still can't figure out why it isn't working.  So, today was a laundry mat day.  I got so very lucky!  My friend, Emily, went with me and we escaped without kids!!  Instead of being a chore, it was a relaxing chill time with a friend.

Now, I am researching dryers.  I have never purchased one on my own.  My ex husband bought the set we had in Florida.  This house had a standard model that was available when we were building.

Any help or clues or tips would be muchly appreciated!!

Christmas Day 2009

First, Let me start off with what is really important.  I got new pots and pans!!  I have used the same ones for ten years and now I never have to again!!!

Ok whew, I just had to share that joy.  Check out my dad's shirt.  It says "does this suit make me look fat"

Thank you, Aunt Jenn for the itunes gift cards and the beautiful shirt!

And can we talk about this adorable Yule Log cake my mom made.  Check out the meringue mushrooms and the tiny chocolate mice!

Jack has been asking for a "baby bike" and lookie here!!

The big boys were over joyed with their big present.

Now comes the time for laziness and joy.  I hope your Christmas day is filled with love, family and the reason for it all, Jesus.


Weather alert means early presents!

We are due for an ice storm over night and my parents may not be able to join us Christmas morning soooo, the ham is in the oven, side dishes are prepped, Jack is down for a nap and I am off to shower.

Christmas is coming early to my house!!!  The kids are so sad (dripping sarcasm)

Just in case it wasn't noisy enough...

....I think we should add a full drum set.

Hand me down hearing aid

A wonderful blessing arrived at my house in the form of two ITE (in the ear) hearing aids.  They are hand me down made for my father, who chose not to wear them.  I took them today to a local hearing aid dispenser to see about getting them reprogrammed for my specific hearing loss.

First off, the lady tell me that they are too big for me.  I disagreed saying I had put them in my ears and they felt fine.  After a few hours of wearing one and the soreness in my ear I must admit she is right.  This place, as well as others in town that I have called, do not service or reprogram this brand of hearing aid.

She did put a good battery in the left and said to give it a try as is.  I didn't realize I was missing so many tiny sounds.  Paper rattling, items in my purse brushing up against each other as I search for something, the click as I turn on the turn signal in the car.  And it was indeed much easier to carry a conversation in a car full of energetic noisy kids.

There is a company here in town that has a branch in Lansing that can reprogram this brand, Micro Tech.  This is Michigan and Lansing is NOT a short drive in the winter weather.  I have to decide if I can tolerate the fit before I make the drive and pay them money.  I dunno if my ear canal will stretch eventually to accommodate the aid or if I am going to have to try another much more expensive route.  As it stands, my ear is getting sore so I have been trying one hour in, ten minutes out.

We shall see!!

Fur babies!

Today was big surprise day.  After a crazy drive in some snowy conditions the kids were loosing their mind with curiosity  Every guess under the sun was made, but none were right.  Then we arrived at a strangers house to see this!!  The sweetie we had driven all that way for!!

And because we never leave a man behind it turned into bonus kitten day.

They are very skittish at the moment and loving being together in the pet carrier.  I have them in the family room so they can adjust to all the noise and movement.  We know AddyMae is a girl, but Artimus I am not sure of. I just can't get her to hold still to confirm.  The vet will find out when they go for the snip snip!

Merry Christmas!!!


I have a secret

It's more of a surprise really.

It could be considered a major Christmas bonanza of a gift.

But, don't ask me for any hints because I am not giving any.

First Band Concert

My 3rd son, Skyler, had his first band concert since beginning band this fall.  I must say he is one handsome boy!!  He did really well and I am so proud to finally have a band geek in the family again!!

I am one hot mama

After seeing the "mom" in this facebook ad, I realize I am one gooood looking lady!!

Lights, Camera, Sillies

Facebook strikes again!

College Band days

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