Hand me down hearing aid

A wonderful blessing arrived at my house in the form of two ITE (in the ear) hearing aids.  They are hand me down made for my father, who chose not to wear them.  I took them today to a local hearing aid dispenser to see about getting them reprogrammed for my specific hearing loss.

First off, the lady tell me that they are too big for me.  I disagreed saying I had put them in my ears and they felt fine.  After a few hours of wearing one and the soreness in my ear I must admit she is right.  This place, as well as others in town that I have called, do not service or reprogram this brand of hearing aid.

She did put a good battery in the left and said to give it a try as is.  I didn't realize I was missing so many tiny sounds.  Paper rattling, items in my purse brushing up against each other as I search for something, the click as I turn on the turn signal in the car.  And it was indeed much easier to carry a conversation in a car full of energetic noisy kids.

There is a company here in town that has a branch in Lansing that can reprogram this brand, Micro Tech.  This is Michigan and Lansing is NOT a short drive in the winter weather.  I have to decide if I can tolerate the fit before I make the drive and pay them money.  I dunno if my ear canal will stretch eventually to accommodate the aid or if I am going to have to try another much more expensive route.  As it stands, my ear is getting sore so I have been trying one hour in, ten minutes out.

We shall see!!

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