37 and counting

In 35 minutes, it will be my 37th birthday.  I have always enjoyed having a New Year's Eve birthday, but this year will be pretty subdued.  A few friends and family over for dinner and Wii.  Maybe a board game or two, some New Year's Rocking Eve.

Having a December 31st birthday has always make me feel like every new year is truly brand new.  A new age to begin the year.  I finished the last semester with 2 As, an A/B and a D.  My goal for 2010 is straight As.  Now I know that I can get As, I just need to work a bit harder on the papers.  

Every year, I also vow to lose weight.  Sigh.  For ten years now I have vowed to change my eating and exercise habits. Every year I get heavier. 

I think grades are enough for this year.  Everything else will be buttah.

For our gathering tomorrow I am crock potting a roast and trying a new recipe for potato soup.  With half and half.  And buttah.

MMMMM, buttttterrr.  
2 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    here's hoping 2010 is the year of positive change!

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