Jack, Jack and Jack

Signing help.
Alfalfa hair.
Better Alfalfa pic from cell phone.
Dancing with J from speech playgroup.


As Jack has aged it has become prudent to educate the ladies in the nursery at church in some basic sign.  This brought to light the fact that the organizer of the nursery is the wife of a CODA.   Mr H is the child of two deaf parents.  In talking with him I found out some cool things about his childhood.  Then he hit me with a bomb.

He was born in the 1930s.  Shortly after his birth, instead of presenting his parents with a baby, they were given adoption papers.  The officials expected them to give up their child because they were deaf.  His father had minimal education, but could figure out what those papers were and refused. 

It doesn't end there.  I am not sure if it was during the birth or after, but definately without their knowledge or consent, these doctors sterilized his mother.  They took away her right to have more children. 

I just had to pause for a moment and try to imagine what that must have been like for her.  Her rights were ignored because her ears didn't work.  My God in Heaven.

Today, Mr H's parents have passed on and Mr H is a happily married man, with children and grandchildren and vital part of our church and community.

I guess his deaf parents did a pretty good job after all, huh?

Laissez les bon temps rouler, sigh

Since moving north, I have missed Mardi Gras and everything that goes with it.  But, over the past 8 years, it hasn't been a painful missing.  Now that I have found so many old friends on Facebook that are posting pictures of parades and talking of King Cake, it is KILLING ME!!

I want king cake!  I want cheap beads, I want to hold my kids on my shoulders as they yell "throw me something Mister!".  I want to be at the parades so bad.  I even want to kiss the old men that give you paper flowers!

It will be ok, I am going to dream of green, purple and gold tonight.

Jack said his first word last week at church. Without ANY prompting, he told a nursery lady "baa" (ball)

I am super proud. I am also still sick. It is still "justacold" but the coughing is hanging on and on and on.


Tonight, while watching Breaking 2, Electric Boogaloo I had a sobering thought.

This is a freshman.  He is 14 and lives at my house.

This is also a freshman.  He was 14 and selling peeks at girls underpants. 
  The mere fact that he agreed to have his picture taken to match the geek without asking any questions proves he is a good boy and I probably don't have to worry about him trying to steal Jake Ryan's woman.

Drifting snow and better

I am so much better.  I had a rough few days, but luckily none of the kids have gotten the same killer cold that I had.  I was in bed so much that my hips got sore!  I am still sick, but I am once again human.

This morning I was driving the kids to school and there was such a light dusting of snow on the street.  As the wind was blowing it swirled and spun and made patterns.  I honestly had trouble focusing on driving because my eyes were drawn again and again to the amazing patterns being made by a little bit of snow and wind.  Because we don't see wind itself I had no idea how it can be moving in so many different directions at one time. It was hypnotic.

It is impossible to me how a person can see such things and not believe in a higher power.  God is so real to me every day.  The beauty I drive past every day is awesome to me. 


I am very ill.  It's just a head cold so far, but it is kicking my butt!  My eyes are swollen, I am coughing up drainage, my nose is full of concrete.  

I will be back when I am well.  

My Daddy

Valentine's Day means something different in my family.  It is my dad's birthday.  He is an amazing man.  He takes care of our family no matter what.  He is always working, even when he is not at work.  His first priority is those he loves and he would do anything for us.

He is freakishly tall. 
He is Jack's best buddy.
He is always there in the background.
He plays guitar and piano, both self taught.
Spending time with grandkids makes him happy!

He is willing to lay down in a public place for a joke.

He LOVES to read.
He can square dance.

He is our Pawpaw, Dad,  and Pen.
Happy birthday, Dad, we love you so much!

Busy Busy Busy

Hey all,

Life has snatched me up by the pigtails and is shaking my like a rag doll.  I am so busy this week.

-wiper blade committed suicide while driving down road in pouring rain
-snow gone, replaced by rain and MUD in my front yard
-VBS planning in high gear
-Jack beginning to shriek when not getting way
-3rd son caught in lie of tremendous proportions, parenting in panic mode
-hair color too dang dark
-2nd son's OCD over school pants condition out of control

Is it really only Thursday?

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Guess where we are going to be from July 6th to July 29th??

I am so excited.  We were last down there in the summer of 2006.  The boys paternal Puerto Rican grandparents haven't seen the kids since then.  Tickets have been purchased and plans are being made.  Winter is almost bearable again knowing that we are getting to vacation this year.

Jack had his first one on one speech therapy today and by the end of the hour he told her bye bye with no prompting.  I almost peed.

How was your Monday?

How cute is this

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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That's My Jam!!!!

Friday's speech play group was HUGE.  Ten kids showed up because the weather was good, I guess.  I practically wrote a book to tell my board mates at Ivillage about the day so I am going to copy and paste that here for you guys.
So, the SLPs are incredibly sweet and adore Jack. He is cute, of course, but they seem so taken with the fact that he signs so well. He is a novelty. I think his type of speech delay/disorder (still suspected apraxia) is not common and everybody wants to work with him. It's like being the prettiest girl at the party!! Plus, my mom brought snacks. They love us.

Now the hard part.

Age at evaluation-1 year, 4 months (16 months)

EIDP test- Language skills consistent at 8 month level, scattered up into age range of 12-15 months. Average language age was 12 months.

PLS-4th edition-
comprehension-117 (above average)
expressive (without sign) 97 (below average)
expressive (with sign) 101 (average)

it says "expressive significantly below comprehension". Its the difference in the two that makes him eligible.

The final paragraph of that report has "moderate impairment" checked.

Of course, this report has WAY more information than this. It's broken down into many smaller chunks of information.
His IFSP says he will get one hour a week one on one therapy minimum and 4 hours a month group therapy (that is the play group). I told her I was incredibly flexible and would bring him to her when needed. She said it won't say it on the paper, but he can get more services that way.

The goals are-
imitate tongue movements, decreased drooling, and eat age appropriate foods.
produce early speech sounds (b, p, m, d, t, n, w, h) in C-V, C-V-C-V, and V-C combos
use early speech sounds in single words when provided a model
spontaneously use early speech sounds in single words
use variety of words (10 verbal approximations, 100 signs) to express his wants/needs and share info
Expected timeframe for above goals- 6 months
I am optimistic about how much therapy he will get, but I don't feel one way or another about how I think the actual therapy will work. I am just hoping for the best. His first one on one is Monday.

For those who can't get enough Jack

Friends Share

This morning is Jack's IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting.  It will be after his speech play group.  My mom is going with me to help me remember what I need to ask and judge if what they are offering in the way of services is good enough.  Of course, we want what is best for him, but it is so early that I don't know how much therapy will be enough.  The good thing is you can request a change at any time.

My friend, Sleep Goblin is amazingly generous.  Remember that she is the one who sent Jack those awesome Macobabies flash cards.  She made an adorable picture based on my front yard in spring!!  She used her new toy.   I am not sure which one she got, but I know she will tell us eventually in the comments.

She is an awesome friend and I wish I could meet her in real life.  We are like peas in a pod.  Or cats in a box.  With a kid.  Or something.

Cosmic bowling and lettuce

This past Sunday was my turn chaperoning youth group and we got lucky.  The younger kids, F.R.O.Gs were going Cosmic Bowling and we were invited to join them.  Woot.  The kids had an awesome time.

Jack had so much fun watching the kids bowl.
So much that he passed out.  
As for lettuce, do you realize that I am going to need 25 cups of shredded lettuce for VBS?  That boggles my mind.  I don't even want to know how many heads it takes to make 25 cups.   Egads.

You want fries with that?

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