Drifting snow and better

I am so much better.  I had a rough few days, but luckily none of the kids have gotten the same killer cold that I had.  I was in bed so much that my hips got sore!  I am still sick, but I am once again human.

This morning I was driving the kids to school and there was such a light dusting of snow on the street.  As the wind was blowing it swirled and spun and made patterns.  I honestly had trouble focusing on driving because my eyes were drawn again and again to the amazing patterns being made by a little bit of snow and wind.  Because we don't see wind itself I had no idea how it can be moving in so many different directions at one time. It was hypnotic.

It is impossible to me how a person can see such things and not believe in a higher power.  God is so real to me every day.  The beauty I drive past every day is awesome to me. 
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