Beee Back later

We are off to Trick or Treat.  More pictures tonight!!

I pray for patience.

The ex husband goes through phases where he doesn't communicate often.  He is always good with child support and in an emergency, but he is out of touch with the kids.

Then he goes through phases of trying to catch up and jump back into the kids lives.  He is in one of those right now.  He is talking about coming up to visit for Thanksgiving.  That is awesome.  I hope he can.  The boys haven't seen him in two years.  TWO YEARS!

He and I have talked on the phone for hours lately as he tries to figure out how to "jump back in".  I want to be there for him because I want him in the kids lives.  But,  I am fighting the fear and anger.  Fear that he will visit and then be out of their lives again for another two years.  And anger that he goes through these cycles.

So, I am praying for patience.  Patience to deal with this in the right way.  I don't want to set myself back in my relationship with God by dealing with this badly.  I know God forgives, but I don't think hate and anger are going to help me much.  

He isn't a bad person.  Just another human trying to make it in this world.  

Free is my middle name

I have been signing up all over the internet for free samples.  Pens, snack bars, feminine products, posters.  It is addicting.  Today I got a ink pen and a granola bar with coupons.  Friday we got a conservation poster about the wetlands.  It's like a tiny christmas every time I check the mail.  This site is my favorite.  It seems to have less of the "not really free" offers.  Some ask you to sign up for our partners yada yada.

I like the just "put in your address and get something in the mail" offers.

In other news, we are all sick.  Chest colds I think.  Jack has a wicked cough, but no fever or anything.  I am snottastic, but again no fever.  The other three are coughing, but not so bad yet.

The van check engine light came on the other day.  It turned out to be an O2 sensor, but not an immediate risk of breakdown.  Thank you, God.  The ex husband says he will order the part and have it sent here for my Dad to put in.

Sigh, baby is crying, gotta go.


Go Rays!

It's been a pretty good week.  Jack's hearing test went well, the kids have been good in school, I have spent some good time with my parents, and the weather ain't half bad.

I am really loving doing the sign language with Jack.  It is honestly just plain fun.  I am constantly amazed at how smart babies are.  Here is a new video of him.  He is getting so very good!!!

The mocobabies cards have 35 signs.  For others, I am using The ASL browser .  It is very cool as it has an actual human doing each sign.

In non baby news, our handbell choir is performing this Sunday.  Guess who didn't know that information until tonight's practice.  Yup, that would be me.  It's ok, I think I know it well enough.  Church people are also very forgiving.  I mean, hey, it's free entertainment.  

The Rays are doing awesome tonight.  So, it's gonna be one and one.  Do you think we can win it??

Oh no, I just checked the score!  The Phillies are rallying?!?  I gotta go pay attentions!

Everybody have an excellent Friday.

Celebrate with me!

Jack has normal hearing.  In three weeks, we will meet with speech people to determine if he will see a speech pathologist.  I am so relived that it isn't his hearing.

He did EXCELLENT during the testing.  They should have filmed him as a teaching tool for learning audiologists, he was that good.

He even showed her some of his signs.  All in all a deep breath taking day.  Sigh of relief all through the family.  Thanks for caring about him.


Jack's Hearing Test

This week is going to be hectic.  The kids have a lot going on in school and Jack has to go to K'Zoo Tuesday for his hearing test.  I know that he can hear.  That should be enough to keep me from worrying.  But, as a mom it doesn't.  I run all kinds of worse case scenarios through my head and I can't stop myself.

He went on the prayer list today and the church prayed for him to pass the test 100%.  I missed it because I had nursery duty.  We had a baby born into the church 6 weeks ago and today he was in nursery.  His family is from Mexico and the mom and her sister in law don't speak much english, but they are so nice.  Just sweet people.  The baby, Gael, is adorable!!  He has more hair than I have now, I think.  He cuddled in and slept on me the entire time.

I love babies.

In other news, I am almost finished with Christmas shopping.  Woot!
Angie tagged me for a photo game.  You are supposed to find the 6th photo in your 6th file in your photo storage.  Then you share the memory that photo suggests.

I got lucky and it was an awesome picture.

Jack's first Christmas.  We were at my parents house and torturing the poor baby with that Santa hat.  He isn't a big fan of hats.  We did get several with adorable smiles.  And now he is 13.5 months and so big.  Sigh, the time passes so fast.
I don't have a clue who to tag other than my friend, SleepGoblin.  So have fun then tag six friends.  Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros

Christian Rock


Who'd a thunk it.

Homecoming 2008

Nico went to his first Homecoming last night.  They went to dinner first (which we didn't do until proms) and then the dance.  His date, Gracie, was so pretty.  Nico looked pretty snazzy himself, if I do say so.

A good time was had by all.

Who does that?

My blog got flagged as a spam blog and I couldn't post until now.  Who knows.  Did that happen to anyone else?

We are just back from dinner and a movie at a friends house.  We watched Veggietales Jonah, which I somehow missed at the theater.  It was adorable.  I love those guys.

Jack finally has his hearing test scheduled.  It is on the 21st, if I remember correctly and is sure to be an awesome time.  He is up to like 15 signs.  I was going to post his new video, but I couldn't post.  So, here you go.

A little Culture

Tonight, the clan will attend The Battle Creek Symphony.  Nico's art class participated in the program and so his art will be displayed behind the orchestra.  So, I am taking 4 boys, ages 13, 12, 10 and 1 to a theater where they will have to be quiet and sit still.

Pray for me.
Good Morning,

I am feeling pretty good today and that is rare for a morning.  So, everybody enjoy your Friday!

What a great way to start!!

A few days ago, before I moved the blog, I posted a note about these awesome flashcards.  And today, a package arrives.  From SleepGoblin , the most amazing generous girl.  
The note says "It may not be your birthday, but I know how much these will help Jack.  Plus, I really want to see more of those videos!  Love, SleepGoblin 
I love her.  Everyone go to her site and tell her how awesome she is and thank you from me!!!

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