Free is my middle name

I have been signing up all over the internet for free samples.  Pens, snack bars, feminine products, posters.  It is addicting.  Today I got a ink pen and a granola bar with coupons.  Friday we got a conservation poster about the wetlands.  It's like a tiny christmas every time I check the mail.  This site is my favorite.  It seems to have less of the "not really free" offers.  Some ask you to sign up for our partners yada yada.

I like the just "put in your address and get something in the mail" offers.

In other news, we are all sick.  Chest colds I think.  Jack has a wicked cough, but no fever or anything.  I am snottastic, but again no fever.  The other three are coughing, but not so bad yet.

The van check engine light came on the other day.  It turned out to be an O2 sensor, but not an immediate risk of breakdown.  Thank you, God.  The ex husband says he will order the part and have it sent here for my Dad to put in.

Sigh, baby is crying, gotta go.

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