Go Rays!

It's been a pretty good week.  Jack's hearing test went well, the kids have been good in school, I have spent some good time with my parents, and the weather ain't half bad.

I am really loving doing the sign language with Jack.  It is honestly just plain fun.  I am constantly amazed at how smart babies are.  Here is a new video of him.  He is getting so very good!!!

The mocobabies cards have 35 signs.  For others, I am using The ASL browser .  It is very cool as it has an actual human doing each sign.

In non baby news, our handbell choir is performing this Sunday.  Guess who didn't know that information until tonight's practice.  Yup, that would be me.  It's ok, I think I know it well enough.  Church people are also very forgiving.  I mean, hey, it's free entertainment.  

The Rays are doing awesome tonight.  So, it's gonna be one and one.  Do you think we can win it??

Oh no, I just checked the score!  The Phillies are rallying?!?  I gotta go pay attentions!

Everybody have an excellent Friday.

2 Responses
  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    it's so great that he enjoys it! that must make it so much easier :) when i was in elementary school we had a deaf child in the class, and a sign language interpreter followed him wherever he went. maybe you could do that if you get really good!!

    also, that boy was totally cute. i was in third grade and had a huge crush on him, and i remember being in the hall by myself one day, getting something out of my locker, and practicing the i love you sign. and then he came walking down the hallway with his lady, and i went to wave, and waved "i love you"! i was mortified! but he was very kind about it.

  2. Monica Says:

    awww, that is so cute. He prolly thought you were a cutie!

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