Tutu #2

My brother, who we are visiting while in Florida, has twin girls. This is for one of them. I made this longer to be more like a princess skirt. More tutus to come!
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Tutus for everyone!!

I made this tonight without a sewing machine in less than an hour for a grand total of $6. I can not WAIT for Kenzie to wear it when we go to Florida in a few days. I am going to make one for every young girl I know.

Shhh, don't tell them.
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Tree Frog

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Live critters on our last VBS day!

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Today the kids thought about their sin and put it in garbage bags. We hung them on the cross and Jesus came and took the bags of sin away. It was so moving.
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VBS Day 4

Going strong! Today was the day we focused on salvation and kids responded and I cried and it was beautiful.
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Oh No Pharaoh!

Pastor Dan really brought the Pharoh to life for the kids today!
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VBS Day 1

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VBS decorating day!

This isn't all of it, but the highlights! Crocodile Dock kicks on bright and early Monday morning. There are still many things to do, but I think it's all going to be ok.

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Results, or lack there of.

Hello everybody,
Jack's swallow study was kinda crazy. First, we spent 8-10 minutes waiting for the doc to arrive, but the SLP was getting the "snacks" ready and Jack was so mad that he couldn't eat them. Finally, the doc arrives, they get him in the chair and we begin. He drank the barium from his own cup like a champ. It was BIZARRE watching it on the moving xray. Then he took one bit of the marshmallow barium pudding and was done! He wouldn't take or try anything else.
From that, they judged that he has a great swallow. The End. They started packing up and Jack wanted his own pudding that he could see on the counter. I opened it and was giving it to him and the SLP told me I needed to free up the room for another patient. I get that, but why was Jack's test time spent waiting on the doctor?
She said that his swallow was normal and that he does hold his tongue in an arched position, but it didn't appear to affect his swallow. I told her that we were really hoping to get more tongue information because of his inability to chew things or lateralize his tongue. She said that wouldn't show on a swallow study. So she could see his tongue was arched, but not tell me anything about his tongue. OK.
I honestly feel like we were super rushed and didn't get enough info to say anything about anything. He swallowed a total of three times.
I really am disappointed, but I shouldn't blame the hospital staff. They do what they can do with what they have. I just needed to vent for a minute I guess. Basically, I feel as if we know nothing more than before we went.
Thanks for all who sent positive thoughts and advice.

Swallow what?

Jack and I are off to 
Bronson Hospital this morning for a Modified Barium Swallow, also called a swallow study.  Poor dude is sleeping peacefully with no idea what he has to deal with in a few hours.  I, of course, can not sleep.  It's not so much the procedure that has got me worried.  It's what they might find.  I know his tongue isn't quite right.  But why?

In typical "give me something to worry about that I hadn't thought of" fashion, my mom reminded me that Jack had a bit of a hard entry into the world.  I had a C-section and due to my bladder having adhered to my uterus it took way longer than normal.  Nobody knew about the adhesions until they were in there and it took two surgeons about 25 minutes to disconnect the two.  During all this my blood pressure went extremely high and I don't know who was monitoring Jack.  I assume that they had heart rate monitors on him, they always do, right?

So, now I am concerned that maybe he didn't get enough O2 the entire time.  One half of his tongue seems to work better than the other half.  I KNOW this is way out of the realm of possibility.  I KNOW I am over thinking it.  But, I am a mom.  That is what we do.

Wish us luck as Jack attempts to swallow barium hidden in pudding.  Good times, good times.

One funny, one not so funny police reports.

These are a few reasons I would love to move

Police said the women, ages 24 and 30, apparently began arguing about one of the women's choice of using a younger family member to watch her kids. The younger woman said her older cousin then confronted her and the women began fighting. The younger woman said her hair weave was pulled out in the fight and she was scratched in the face. The older woman said the younger woman pulled her own hair out. Police said 15 to 20 people were in the street watching but no one wanted to talk to police about the incident.

A 14-year-old girl was pushed to the ground and struck in the head after she refused a request for a date. The girl said she was at Benjamin Park near Sherman Road and Orchard Place with friends about 6 p.m. Tuesday when she was approached by a male who asked if she would go out with him and then if he could kiss her. She refused and was pushed to the ground and hit. The victim said her friends chased the male away. The girl received minor injuries.

Taken right out of my local newspaper.


Missed opportunities?

I just realized that I have been proposed to 4 times in my life.  All before I was actually married.  Since being married and now divorced....nothing.  I am not sure how that makes me feel.

Hulu.com makes me stay up way to late.  Beware the Hulu.
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