Results, or lack there of.

Hello everybody,
Jack's swallow study was kinda crazy. First, we spent 8-10 minutes waiting for the doc to arrive, but the SLP was getting the "snacks" ready and Jack was so mad that he couldn't eat them. Finally, the doc arrives, they get him in the chair and we begin. He drank the barium from his own cup like a champ. It was BIZARRE watching it on the moving xray. Then he took one bit of the marshmallow barium pudding and was done! He wouldn't take or try anything else.
From that, they judged that he has a great swallow. The End. They started packing up and Jack wanted his own pudding that he could see on the counter. I opened it and was giving it to him and the SLP told me I needed to free up the room for another patient. I get that, but why was Jack's test time spent waiting on the doctor?
She said that his swallow was normal and that he does hold his tongue in an arched position, but it didn't appear to affect his swallow. I told her that we were really hoping to get more tongue information because of his inability to chew things or lateralize his tongue. She said that wouldn't show on a swallow study. So she could see his tongue was arched, but not tell me anything about his tongue. OK.
I honestly feel like we were super rushed and didn't get enough info to say anything about anything. He swallowed a total of three times.
I really am disappointed, but I shouldn't blame the hospital staff. They do what they can do with what they have. I just needed to vent for a minute I guess. Basically, I feel as if we know nothing more than before we went.
Thanks for all who sent positive thoughts and advice.
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