Swallow what?

Jack and I are off to 
Bronson Hospital this morning for a Modified Barium Swallow, also called a swallow study.  Poor dude is sleeping peacefully with no idea what he has to deal with in a few hours.  I, of course, can not sleep.  It's not so much the procedure that has got me worried.  It's what they might find.  I know his tongue isn't quite right.  But why?

In typical "give me something to worry about that I hadn't thought of" fashion, my mom reminded me that Jack had a bit of a hard entry into the world.  I had a C-section and due to my bladder having adhered to my uterus it took way longer than normal.  Nobody knew about the adhesions until they were in there and it took two surgeons about 25 minutes to disconnect the two.  During all this my blood pressure went extremely high and I don't know who was monitoring Jack.  I assume that they had heart rate monitors on him, they always do, right?

So, now I am concerned that maybe he didn't get enough O2 the entire time.  One half of his tongue seems to work better than the other half.  I KNOW this is way out of the realm of possibility.  I KNOW I am over thinking it.  But, I am a mom.  That is what we do.

Wish us luck as Jack attempts to swallow barium hidden in pudding.  Good times, good times.
2 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    Best of Luck Jack & Monica!
    hope he does well with the test and you get some answers!

  2. Oh, poor guy. I hope it went well today.


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