They call me twitchy

Last October, I noticed Jack doing this hard blinking thing.  I monitored it for a bit then managed to catch it on video.  I uploaded it to youtube to see if other parents thought I should be concerned.  I got a few comments and most were asking me what did they doctor say.

Well, I didn't take him to the doctor.  I read that an eye blink twitch wasn't uncommon and usually just goes away with time.

The eye blink thing comes and goes and I haven't been able to discern a pattern.  It was only when he began doing a shoulder shrug type of twitch that I got truly concerned.  A visit to the pediatrician today was in order.  Sadly, are regular lady wasn't available so we had to see a brand new doctor.  She was great and was able to view his youtube video.  She consulted with the pediatrician on call and both said that medication was available, but not warrented unless the tics were interfering with his activities.  They are not, he is blissfully unaware of them.  They say that most kids outgrow these types.

So I will keep my eye on his royal twitchyness and try not to be worried.  Sounds good to me.

Testing their wings

Today I put my three oldest sons on an airplane alone.  This was a first for me and terrifying.  We have flown many times without fear, but it is VERY different when you send them off without you.  They are going to Florida for ten days to visit their dad and his family.  In the past, I always went with them and stayed with my best friend while the boys went to Miami.  But, they are older now.  Big enough to take a plane???  That is what they tell me.

As they walked away from me toward the plane, it felt like much more.  This feels like the beginning of the end.  They are going to need me less and less very soon.  Nico is 15, only a two years till college.  It breaks my heart, but I am proud of them as well.  Proud that they can be trusted with this enormous responsibility. 

I can't wait for that call saying they are safe on the ground. 

Storm Damage

 Several tornados blew through our area this afternoon.  We got lucky here.  Only one tree down and the fence might not even be damaged.  There is another storm heading here, but I am not sure if it is as strong.  Its a crazy day in Michigan!

Today, we time traveled

Today we went to the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire.  It was a first time experience for the boys and I.  What a great time!

The entertainment was constant and really good!  We especially enjoyed The Rogues.  They were so entertaining that I bought a CD.

Elijah finally decided to rock his new shorter hair do out in public.  I love it.  But, I digress.
I think Jack's favorite part, besides dancing to all the live music, was cookies with the Queen.  They got to sit at her Majesty's table and enjoy conversation and a sweet treat.  She was so attentive and kept their attention the whole time.  

So much so that Jack had to switch sides to be nearer Her Majesty.  

And of course, we saw lots of armor, swords, horses and chivalry.  Nico plans to move there when he grows up.


Don't talk about the Koolaid...

The boys found out about a free skatepark in Kalamazoo and after some research I found it.  Upjohn Park has a section fenced in and very nicely done.  The kids aren't that great at skating, but they love to do it.  It was a bit crowded, but not overly so.  My pictures only show half the park.   The kids had a good time and I see us going back soon. 

It was a good day!

Today, I spent the afternoon with this guy.  My amazing 15 year old son, Nico.

We did some shopping for their upcoming trip to Miami.  He sat patiently while I had a relaxing manicure and pedicure.  I let him pick the color and WOW, I got purple.

I finished our outing with a treat for him.  Go carts!!  He wanted me to go with him, but I politely declined.

It had been a very long time since I spent one on one time of any length with my firstborn.  He is turning into a a clever, considerate, loving, smart guy.  I need to do this with each of the boys more often.  

Outdoor theater rocks

This evening we drove over to the small community of Parchment for a local theater production.  Can you guess what it is?

Not yet?  Here is a hint.

Did that help?  Yes, it was Suessical!!

The great thing about sitting outside on a wonderfully cool evening to enjoy some great community theater?  You can dance along if the groove hits ya.

Great news to make my heart happy!

My heart has a non dangerous quirky anomaly!  I don't need to worry or fret anymore.  The cardiologist said to come see him once a year and "move on with your life like this never happened".  

I am over the moon with relief!!

One year

One year ago today, my biological dad passed away after complications from a lung infection.  He and I were developing a really good relationship and I miss him.

His wife, Mary, still visits his grave daily.  She struggles so hard with his loss.

Never forget to tell those you love daily how much you care.

It's balloon fest time!

The only downside to watching the evening launch is the bright sun in our eyes.

Sometimes we chase after them and get lucky enough to see a landing!!

They launch for the next three days at 6:30 am and 6:30 pm.  We will probably go to see one each day.  We love Air fest time!!!
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