Testing their wings

Today I put my three oldest sons on an airplane alone.  This was a first for me and terrifying.  We have flown many times without fear, but it is VERY different when you send them off without you.  They are going to Florida for ten days to visit their dad and his family.  In the past, I always went with them and stayed with my best friend while the boys went to Miami.  But, they are older now.  Big enough to take a plane???  That is what they tell me.

As they walked away from me toward the plane, it felt like much more.  This feels like the beginning of the end.  They are going to need me less and less very soon.  Nico is 15, only a two years till college.  It breaks my heart, but I am proud of them as well.  Proud that they can be trusted with this enormous responsibility. 

I can't wait for that call saying they are safe on the ground. 
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