Jack's Hearing Test

This week is going to be hectic.  The kids have a lot going on in school and Jack has to go to K'Zoo Tuesday for his hearing test.  I know that he can hear.  That should be enough to keep me from worrying.  But, as a mom it doesn't.  I run all kinds of worse case scenarios through my head and I can't stop myself.

He went on the prayer list today and the church prayed for him to pass the test 100%.  I missed it because I had nursery duty.  We had a baby born into the church 6 weeks ago and today he was in nursery.  His family is from Mexico and the mom and her sister in law don't speak much english, but they are so nice.  Just sweet people.  The baby, Gael, is adorable!!  He has more hair than I have now, I think.  He cuddled in and slept on me the entire time.

I love babies.

In other news, I am almost finished with Christmas shopping.  Woot!
3 Responses
  1. godsgurl Says:

    Please don't worry sweet pea. Your sweet angel boy is in God's hands and He will never, ever let him go. Whatever His will is, He will give you the strength to cope.
    Just remember, no amount of worrying ever changed God's mind, only prayers do. Let Him do the worrying, you just enjoy that child. Love you all.

  2. Monica Says:

    Thanks sister. I know you are right. Talk to you tomorrow

  3. Sleep Goblin Says:

    So I have this cousin, and she pretty much refused to talk as a child. Smart as a whip, but never spoke. So her parents took her to speech therapy, where they taught her sign language instead. She's about 10 or so now, and speaks just fine. Not really sure if she was just shy or what, but the sign language did the trick until her mouth decided it was ready to get to work. Considering how quickly Jack is picking up sign language, I imagine you don't have much to worry about.

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