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Friday's speech play group was HUGE.  Ten kids showed up because the weather was good, I guess.  I practically wrote a book to tell my board mates at Ivillage about the day so I am going to copy and paste that here for you guys.
So, the SLPs are incredibly sweet and adore Jack. He is cute, of course, but they seem so taken with the fact that he signs so well. He is a novelty. I think his type of speech delay/disorder (still suspected apraxia) is not common and everybody wants to work with him. It's like being the prettiest girl at the party!! Plus, my mom brought snacks. They love us.

Now the hard part.

Age at evaluation-1 year, 4 months (16 months)

EIDP test- Language skills consistent at 8 month level, scattered up into age range of 12-15 months. Average language age was 12 months.

PLS-4th edition-
comprehension-117 (above average)
expressive (without sign) 97 (below average)
expressive (with sign) 101 (average)

it says "expressive significantly below comprehension". Its the difference in the two that makes him eligible.

The final paragraph of that report has "moderate impairment" checked.

Of course, this report has WAY more information than this. It's broken down into many smaller chunks of information.
His IFSP says he will get one hour a week one on one therapy minimum and 4 hours a month group therapy (that is the play group). I told her I was incredibly flexible and would bring him to her when needed. She said it won't say it on the paper, but he can get more services that way.

The goals are-
imitate tongue movements, decreased drooling, and eat age appropriate foods.
produce early speech sounds (b, p, m, d, t, n, w, h) in C-V, C-V-C-V, and V-C combos
use early speech sounds in single words when provided a model
spontaneously use early speech sounds in single words
use variety of words (10 verbal approximations, 100 signs) to express his wants/needs and share info
Expected timeframe for above goals- 6 months
I am optimistic about how much therapy he will get, but I don't feel one way or another about how I think the actual therapy will work. I am just hoping for the best. His first one on one is Monday.

For those who can't get enough Jack

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  1. Kristen Says:

    Monica, thank you for my sweet comments you always leave me. I thought I would stop by your blog. Jack is very precious. He is such a happy little guy.

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