Christmas Day 2009

First, Let me start off with what is really important.  I got new pots and pans!!  I have used the same ones for ten years and now I never have to again!!!

Ok whew, I just had to share that joy.  Check out my dad's shirt.  It says "does this suit make me look fat"

Thank you, Aunt Jenn for the itunes gift cards and the beautiful shirt!

And can we talk about this adorable Yule Log cake my mom made.  Check out the meringue mushrooms and the tiny chocolate mice!

Jack has been asking for a "baby bike" and lookie here!!

The big boys were over joyed with their big present.

Now comes the time for laziness and joy.  I hope your Christmas day is filled with love, family and the reason for it all, Jesus.

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  1. Anna Says:

    I got pots and pans last year and I was more excited than the kids were with their gifts! LOL
    we've been having a blast with our new guitar hero! santa was smart enough to write: to the family on the tag, so no fighting yet! LOL

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