Hoarding mistake or vintage genius?

I found two Bop magazines from the 80s in my keepsake box today.  I was cleaning it out and hadn't been to the bottom of it in years.  I also found a poster of Duran Duran.  I am trying to throw them away, but can't.  I checked Ebay and somebody is selling a Bop from 1984 for almost $50.

So, you tell me, hoarding or genius?

4 Responses
  1. Amy Says:

    My vote is for vintage genius! As a teenager, my walls were completely covered in posters from Bop, etc... Back then Kirk Cameron was my favorite! ;o)

  2. C. Beth Says:

    Hilarious--I love it!! Brings back memories....

  3. C. Beth Says:

    P.S. I just got my itinerary for my trip--can you email me? Maybe we can make it work to meet up briefly.

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