99 isn't just for red balloons

There isn't much going on here except school school school!  School is going well.  I got a 99 on my last paper!  Because I am so dang proud of myself, I feel a need to post my professor's comments.

10/10 Mechanics

20/20 Composition

9/10 References

60/60 Content & Organization

VERY well done, Monica! The ONLY area of concern is the reference page. For

the most part, they are compliant. However, I would encourage you to check the

citation generator the college has in the virtual library to see if you can

determine where your mistakes are. Here's a hint..."the devil is in the

Let me know what questions you have or if you can't determine where the errors

are. Thanks!
That makes a girl feel good, I tell ya!
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  1. Amy Says:

    Way to go, girl! Keep up the good work! :o)

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