Do you know where the truth is?

I have spent too much time lately wondering how much of what we are hearing lately about the government is propaganda and how much is truth . I am getting emails daily, forwards, from family and friends claiming some very disturbing things. Does anyone know where to go for the facts? I sure don't. I serioiusly want to develop an opinion about the current situation, but I can't. I refuse to believe any of it at face value and the media can not be trusted to report the truth.

I worry because I know that I might be required to discuss the situation or even write a paper on aspects of it in the coming years for classes. I know that I could BS my way through a paper claiming to be on one side or the other, but I don't want to do that. I want to know what is going on up there in Washington. Don't you?

On to less controversial topics, our family friend and her daughters were over tonight for food and fun. The kids play so nice together when I can get Jack to actually warm up to them. He acts like they are strangers for the first few minutes....every...single....time. I know he has the ability to remember people because he remembers us when we leave. He remembers my parents even if we haven't seen them for days.

Is he shy? I dunno. Even once we warms up he plays cautiously. He does NOT like to wrestle around. He does not like to sit with bodies touching. He needs a space bubble like I have never seen. With family he isn't like that. He will sit cuddled up and waller all over his brothers. So I guess I won't worry.

Is it just me or is Joel Osteen creeping up on a mullet?
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