Every man, a student

Next Tuesday, all the big folks start the fall semester.  I have all supplies (except my books which we are heading over today to get), the driving schedule is fixed and ready, uniforms are washed,  a good friend showed me a back way to campus and I colored my hair.

(If you don't think the last part is vital, something is wrong with you.)

There are two major things left, one of those being books.  I feel like I am missing something important.  My biggest worry is that I will drop one of those imaginary balls that we moms are always juggling.  I am struggling with the knowledge that I am going to have to let some things go.  My house might be messier.  It might even be dirtier.  I have to let go of my position at the church.  No more VBS for me.  I won't be a stay at home mom for Jack anymore.

Change is hard, even when it is for the greater good.

In an effort to streamline my life,  I was searching for speedier hair care and discovered plopping.  Whoever named it didn't give it much thought, but I slept with my prepared damp hair up in the method and holy wow!  My curls are so much nicer this morning.

On a normal day, my hair tends to be a bit fuzzy, I don't mind it really, its just how things are with my head.  Inside and out actually.  HA!

This is about 30 minutes after unwrapping my hair and without any thing additional done to it.  I might be hooked.  Later on I will check it out in natural light after it air dries 100%.  I would say it is 80% dry now.

So, tell me?  Do you plop?
2 Responses
  1. My hair is as straight as a board and no amount of plopping, perming, or primping can get it to curl one bit. I would LOVE to have your curly hair! It looks great plopped. :)

    Good luck with school. How exciting!


  2. Sleep Goblin Says:

    you're making me miss college!! i loved going to class.

    i'll have to try out this plopping thing on a weekend, when i have plenty of time to re-wash my hair if it fails. my hair is only partly curly, so sometimes it's safer to just let it do it's thing than try to make it either straight or curly. half and half hair is not pretty.

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