Because of sign language

Conversation with Jack this morning. Words in "" are signs. Our habit is to get back in my bed with his bottle of pediasure before waking the big boys to get ready for school. We get about ten minutes of quiet snuggle time. On days when we are running late, like today, he doesn't like to give up the routine.

Jack--ma ma ma "milk"
Mommy-- Yes, but you have to drink it in the car today, we overslept.
Jack--mama mama "mama" "bed"
Mommy- No, we have to wake the big boys now.
Jack-"boys" "sleep"

He then proceeds to call my name constantly while I get his pediasure and wake the other boys. I return to my room where he gets in his spot and points for me to lay down next to him.

Mommy--Ok, but we don't have much time, just a quick snuggle ok?
Jack--mama (said with much satisfaction and he wraps his hands in my hair and drinks his bottle)

Five minutes later, I remind him that we have to get up and get moving.

Mommy--Jack, its time to get up and get dressed.
Jack--Shakes head no.
Mommy--We have to drive the boys to school.
Jack--shakes head no
Mommy--How will the boys get to school???
Mommy--They can't go in an airplane, we have to drive them in the car.
Jack--ma "cat"
Mommy--Oh the cat can drive the boys to school??
Jack--crackes up laughing, he told me a joke and knows it.

At this point, I have the giggles so hard. Then he really gets me.

Jack--does the sign that means Julie or speech therapy, he made this one up
Mommy--We dont have speech today, Jack
Jack--slams his hand on his leg and hollars, then signs "speech/julie"
Mommy--Oh, you will get up to go to speech but not drive the boys to school
Jack--rah (this is his sound for yeah)
Mommy--No silly boy. We are getting up and driving the boys to school.
Jack closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the ability to teach Jack sign language. Thank you for giving him the ability to learn it. This child blesses me every single day.
3 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    that's beautiful!
    I almost miss Christophers signing now that he won't keep his mouth shut!
    I hope that day will come for you soon too!
    in the meantime, enjoy, he's a riot!

  2. What a sweet exchange. I love his sense of humor!


  3. Sleep Goblin Says:

    This is so awesome!! And I got your twitter message about the O on my phone today. HOORAY!!!!

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