And they are off!

Ok, not until Monday, but the packing has begun.  I have said for years that I needed to visit my bio dad and my Nana.  Something always got in the way, usually money.  Sometimes it was fear.  My parents and ex husband HATE that I am willing to travel alone with the kids anywhere.  Apparently I am an idiot behind the wheel.  I understand what they are saying, but the truth of the matter is I am single.  I don't have an instant second driver and I am not going to miss seeing my Nana before she passes away because of it.

Whew, I got worked up there for a minute.  

So, I am organizing to pack at the moment.  My van seems huge until you put a stroller and a few suitcases in it.  I am thinking of going to buy a few space bags?  Anybody have any stories about those?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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