Facebook is killing me

Once again, somebody has posted pics from college and I am reminded of how NOT fat I was.   Sigh.  I am the wild haired beauty on the right.
5 Responses
  1. Kristen Says:

    That does not make you any less beautiful. I look at that picture and see a smile that is so beautiful and full of life, I think, man I bet she was fun to have as a college friend.

  2. Angela Says:

    I would have recognized you anywhere. Oh, and is that the band practice field? Sure looks like it!

  3. What a cute picture!

    Yes, Facebook is truly one of society's new evils...if for no other reason than because of the old pictures!


  4. SciFi Mama Says:

    Kristen- She was DEFINITELY a fun college friend. And high school. That was fun too. Jr high? Not so much. We didn't have a lot of fun way back then.

  5. Monica Says:

    What are you talking about, Junior High was the bomb...remember the mucky practice field...the snotty upperclassmen....and Mrs. Ball. COME ON!

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