Three times the fear!

There is a house on my street that has always looked suspicious.  Haphazard yard work, different cars coming and going.  We jokingly have called it the "meth house"  A year or two ago, some new people moved in and made great changes.  They began a slow, but steady process of remodeling and I wondered if maybe they were going to flip it.

While doing a routine search in my zip code for sex offenders, I discovered that my new "better" neighbor was indeed a sex offender with a felony towards a child under 13.  Sigh.  I  know they are everywhere and having done their time have a right to live back in society, but come on!

I warned the kids, showed them the man's picture and told my neighbors with children of his presence.  I felt like it was us against him.  Recently, we discovered two more men with sex crimes listed to that address.

I thought, no way, they are pulling a fast one on the parole board, that can't be allowed.  My nosy-get-things-done mom puts in a call to the parole board or somewhere.  She is told that, yes, they are all registered and living at that address.  They, in fact, share a parole officer and are current and compliant.

Its just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.
2 Responses
  1. Kristen Says:

    Ew, that's creepy!

  2. Heather Says:

    I can't even believe that they are allowed to live together at that house.

    ((hugs))) the new header-too cute!

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