It feels like spring

We have had some awesome 50-60 degree weather this week.  All the snow is melted and the ground can be seen!  I know better than to believe it is the end of old man winter though.  I wouldn't be surprised if we were snowed in next week.  BUT, I am incredibly grateful and happy that THIS week has been so nice.  I drove with the windows down today.  Jack went on the playground.  The sun is shining.  I am happy.
2 Responses
  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    here too! though (and don't hate me for this, because i would much prefer normal weather) 50-60 was our winter. so this week it's 75-80. it's suppose to be a little more normal again next week, but still looks like lower 70's.

    it has me looking forward to moving. 75 is lovely outside, but my apartment is like 85. when we move, i'm definitely getting a/c!!!

  2. *Monica Says:

    oh no, no a/c would be the pits! Many people up here don't have it and I just don't understand it. The summer is not as mild as all that!

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