No time to blog

But here I am.  Funny how that works??   I am typing with one hand because Jack is snuggled across me, wallerin' would be the correct term.  He is getting molars, poor kid.

Four more days until.......

I turn 36

2008 turns to 2009

My friend, Teresa steps down and I assume the role of Childrens Chairperson to the Christian Education Board

Having the boys home for break is always such a good time.  I really dig my kids, they can be so sweet.  Don't get me wrong, they can be real jerks when the teen mood swings get moving, but they calm down much better than many kids I know.

My favorite gift this year was having the ex husband visit so close to Christmas.  All the kids loved having that time with him and when they are happy, I am happy.
2 Responses
  1. So your birthday is Wednesday? I will have to file away this little tidbit in my brain. :)


  2. Monica Says:

    hehe, everybody celebrates my birthday!!

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