Oh Little Trainwreck

Just kidding,  Our performance went very well.  I was so proud of everyone.  

I loved the Wise Men background but it was too hard to read.  I might suggest to Cutest Blog on the Block to remedy that for next season.  It was the only Christian background available.  If anyone knows how to do blog background and wants to gift me a new one from my birthday (Dec 31st) Lemme know.  My friend, SleepGoblin knows how and is quite good, but she is traveling to move from Wisconsin to California for the next few weeks.  

I was clearing some pictures off my cell phone and found one of my favorites.  

This is how Elijah used to "watch" the baby.

A few months later, I found him doing it again.  So cute to me.

I may have mentioned before that Jack was a girl on ultrasound.  Here is one of a few pictures I have of him in pink pajamas.  I didn't take him out in public in pink.  I am not that thrifty.  But, I couldn't see wasting all those good warm pjs.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought Robert and I were the only parents that tortured our little boy like that. Our Robbie was originally supposed to be "Claire Elizabeth..." And somehow, we ended up with a purple Eeyore outfit very similar to the one your little boy is wearing. We took quite a few pictures, to be used as blackmail when he gets older and brings a girlfriend home! Too funny.... :)

    Amy (Moss) Echelberry

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