The Speech Therapist from Early On called yesterday to schedule Jack's evaluation.  It will be January 8th.  I am so glad.  It took longer than the social workers predicted, but I am ok with it.  I know they are incredibly backed up and understaffed.  I asked my pediatrician to see about also going through his health insurance to get additional speech help, but she said she wasn't sure if it would be approved or not.  I haven't heard from that side yet.

The virus that has been running rampant through our home may finally be dying.  I have been thrown up on more times than I care to count.  Thankfully, I didn't get that part of the deal.  I hate to vomit.  Ok, I just thought, wait, who really enjoys it.

I still have some Christmas shopping to do for small items and stocking stuffers.  My pennies are being pinched so hard that they are crying.  Poor pennies.  My friend, Teresa and I will go together early next week to shop together.  I am looking forward to it.  She is a good buddy.  I haven't begun baking yet, but I will.  Eventually.  When I am no longer contagious.  Yeah, that is why I haven't started.  Suuure.

I do, however, have my Christmas cards done.  Woot!  I used the picture from Tuesday's post.  I am amazed that they are all smiling so nice and looking at the camera.

Happy Weekend Everyone!
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  1. I'm blown away! I'm in awe at his use of signs. And it sounds like he's really trying to produce the letter sounds as well. I'm happy for that he'll be evaluated soon and you can have your answer, whatever it is!

    Also, could he be any cuter?

  2. So glad to read that you used the photo that I adored in your Christmas cards. Hooray! Also am insanely jealous that you are done with said cards. :)

    The video that you uploaded was great. Like Keri said, darling, darling boy! Do you set the camera up on a tri-pod or something to film? Next time, just a bit more to the left please, so that your fans can see you too!

  3. Monica Says:

    thanks so much for the compliments!!!

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