This time I have no words.

This afternoon was hard.  Jack was evaluated by an SLP at the local hospital rehab unit.
The SLP was very nice. I had to fill out a huge questionaire first and she took the time to look over it before beginning to talk to me. She asked me good questions and then "played" with Jack for a bit.

She says her first impression is Apraxia. I know that I thought that was the most likely possibility. But, of course I wanted to be wrong.

She said that she will submit to insurance (medicaid), but they might not allow it because he is age eligible for Early On. She didn't say "Your son has Apraxia of Speech" but she referred to it on several counts. Saying, "that is very common in apraxic kids" and "that leads me back to apraxia"

She said to work on vowels for now with him. I have been working on M, B, D. So, O it is. She also said to simplify family names to use those exclusively to encourage him to label us. And to continue with sign language using it more ourselves to help him internalize sentence structure and whatnot for when he does begin verbalizing.

She was super sweet and if insurance does approve I am glad we will get to work with her.
We have an evaluation appointment Jan 7th with the SLP at Early On and she said if that SLP suggested a wait and see approach that I should really talk to her and advocate for starting therapy now.

I am pretty sad. There have been times when I have been wrong because I was overreacting or seeing things that weren't as bad as I thought. I was hoping this would be in that vein. I know it is not the end of the world if he is apraxic. My head knows, but my heart is crying.

For those who want to know I will do a post on what Childhood Apraxia of Speech is later.  I am too tired to do it now. 

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  1. Anna Says:

    Hang in there! That was one of the diagnosis' that Christopher got, and within six months he started talking up a storm and now they just attribute his issues to "motor planning" but he's working on proving them wrong once again. We've been in Early Intervention since he was 18 months and he will be with them till the district takes over in September. If you ever need to talk or need advice feel free to contact me. I think you're doing a great job with him!

  2. C. Beth Says:

    Monica, I'm sorry you are going through this! I don't have any experience or advice but my heart is with you.

    Thank you for the comment on my tandem nursing post! (I have comments e-mailed to me so I did see it.) I'm always glad to hear of other moms who did that!

  3. I'm sorry as well, Monica, that your little guy has received this tentative diagnosis. He's clearly incredibly bright, and is lucky to have you for a mom.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Monica Says:

    Thanks ladies. Your comments make me feel part of a club..and not so alone.


  5. Sleep Goblin Says:

    I'm sure it's hard, but don't forget how smart he is! I truly believe that no matter how this turns out, it won't hold him back :)

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