I live with a Rock Star

He is really putting his birthday present to good use.

4 Responses
  1. Such a fun video. Thanks for sharing! I think you have a future rock star on your hands.


  2. Very cute! He looks like a natural.

    I wanted to say, in reply to your post about your 15 month old yesterday, to not worry too much yet. Please have him evaluated professionally before listening to any internet 'experts'. I think the fact that he is signing and communicating is a very good sign, and one day he'll probably end up blurting out a complete sentence. It's good that you're on top of things and having him looked at now, no matter what the outcome.

    Just my two cents! ;)


  3. Monica Says:

    No worries. I didn't expect the expert to really be an expert. It was just nice to have anyone at all agree with me. He is scheduled to see a speech therapist.

    I appreciate any and all input. I do worry like a crazy person..lol

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