Leaps and Bounds

In the last week or so, Jack has had a signing/language jump.  He has started signing in public trying to tell me about things around us.  Twice he has started laughing and I when I ask him what is so funny he signs "baby".  Sure enough, I look around me and there is a baby on a magazine one time and on a package of diapers another time.

Today, he is signing "bird" over and over, but there isn't a bird anywhere.  We are in the produce section.  Maybe I am not reading the sign right?  No, I finally notice there is a bird on my shirt.  What a smart fellow!

I made teacher gifts today by dipping pretzels in chocolate, baking cookies, adding candy and bagging them in pretty Snowman cellophane bags.  15 teachers done for about $1.25 a bag.  That feels good.

We are all riding a sugar high.  I am hoping the crash happens right at bedtime.
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  1. Sleep Goblin Says:

    ooooh. that makes me want to be a teacher.

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