Goodnight Sanity, I mean Moon

Firstly, My hair is finally growing out.  I have had it long for years, but cut it after the birth of Jack.  He is a hair puller.  I think it is finally safe to grow it again.
Jack is OBSESSED with "Goodnight Moon".  He wants to read it all the time.  He kisses the pages, he points and aahhh and mmmmm's about everything, he even attempts to say "hush".  Last night we only read it about 6 times before he got sleepy.  Has anyone bought the companion book, "My World"?  He likes "Runaway Bunny" But, nothing wins out over "Goodnight Moon".

In other Jack news, we see a speech therapist tomorrow through the insurance.  I found out about this today.  I am so excited, but dang, give a girl a little notice when it is snowing cats and snowmen.

My boys are having such a good day, I mean it is winter break and I haven't asked a lot of them today.  It has been video games and free range kitchen privileges.  I have to be careful lest they go feral.
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