TGIF, seriously

First, my car is in the shop.  The heater wasn't blowing hot air unless I was pressing the accelerator.  I thought it was the thermostat, but the radiator had a leak and is being replaced to the tune of 500+ dollars.  I am so blessed that I am able to have it repaired.  (thank you ex husband)

Secondly,  the early on program called earlier this week to tell me to attend today's speech therapy play group.  Jack will be younger than most of the other kids, but they say it will be good for him.  She also said that she has his "report" for me to see.  I asked were we doing his IEP meeting??  Seems rather informal to me.  So, no meeting, but I promise you I will have it scheduled before I leave there today.

Finally, I am very happy the weekend is coming.  This week has been challenging.
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