Plea for Blood Donations

I am posting this from Jennifer to try and get blood "credit" for Gwen.  

"I am not here very often, so you know I do not send many emails/messages/posts etc., but I need your help. Gwen Carter is in Ocean Springs Hospital in critical condition folllowing the rupture of an aneurism in an artery to her spleen suffered in her 38th week of pregnancy. The baby, known as Baby Boy Carter until Mom is well enough to name him, was born Tuesday and is holding his own in the NICU at Memorial. However, his mom is still fighting for her life. I will spare you the details about the tragedy and about how deserving Gwen is of your help and just PLEAD with each of you to PLEASE give blood in Gwen's name. If you are on the coast, it is easier, but most blood banks can give the "credit" to Gwen even if you are out of state. Jerry and I gave here in Florida yesterday and we are able to give in Gwen's name. I know no one likes needles, but this first time mom has already received about 30 units of blood. The situation is critical; please give if you are able. If you are not sure about your eligiblity, please contact a blood bank. A lot of people can donate, even if they are on medicines or have some conditions. If you cannot give, please ask a friend or family member to give. At the donation center about donating for Gwendolyn Carter at Ocean Springs Hospital, Ocean Springs MS (part of Singing River Hospital system if they need that info). We continue to ask for your prayers. All you moms, please kiss your babies no matter their age and remember how blessed we all are. Thank you Jenn"
2 Responses
  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. What a tragedy. I'll be praying for her.

  2. So, so sad about your friend Gwen. I really hope things start looking up for her soon.


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