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I am currently king of the lab.  Yesterdays meeting with the DHS office was a bit strained, but much better than I thought it would be.  I expected some fighting, arguing and bickering.  But, no.  My case worker is a quiet man anyway and I planned to just sit quietly unless he got loud with me.

He had to do a lot of inputting and correcting in the computer.  My mom and I played with Jack and talked amongst ourselves.  Half an hour later he tells me that my EBT (food) will be available in 24 hours and my medical should be as well.

My jaw fell.  I have been attempting to get this right for more than a year and he fools around in the computer for 30 minutes and fixes it all?  I don't believe it, but we smile and thank him and leave.

Today, I discover that the EBT is indeed fixed.  All of the children's medical is back to rights.  Now, mine says that I am on deductible medicaid.  I have never heard of this and can't afford to pay a deductible.  It does not say how much the deductible will be.   So, I called, got voice mail and left a message.  And an email.....courtesy copied to my state representative.

I am very pleased that so much was fixed in such a short time.  If we can just figure out what mine is all about, I am having a celebration!!

Thanks to Thuy, SleepyG, Gwendomama, Francesca, Angie and Christy for all the awesome comments lately!!

In other news, my brother finally joined Facebook!!!  Hi Brent and Kristen.
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  1. Angela Says:

    I'm so glad they got it fixed for you! YEAH!!!!!

    Now, Brent. I SWEAR that's not the little brother I remember. He's definitely changed. I seem to remember a head full of hair.

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