His final say

You can follow the link here to view Baby Donald's obituary and guest book.

Today was ok.  Our weather is hating us right now and we are due for a great deal more snow overnight.  The kids are hoping for a snow day and this time they might get it.

Nico got good news today that he might have his braces off as soon as this summer.  If he would wear his rubber bands like he is supposed to it might be sooner.  Elijah has a good year or two left on his.  Again, rubber band non compliance is not helping.  Sky got invited to an overnight bday party for this weekend.  Can't these people have birthdays according to my pay day??  Have a little compassion!

As for Jack, he was a fool today.   Jack is a hair addict.  He is always up in ANYONEs hair.  He is not picky and is gonna offend somebody or get the lice.  He also adopts strangers.  Today, it was the guy in the orthodontist's office.  Poor man just wanted to drink his $7 dollar coffee.

He was a good sport and held the books Jack brought him and didn't protest when Jack got up in the seat next to him and, yes, went for his hair.  He runs his fingers through it mumbling something about the precious.  He scares me.  But, in that adorable endearing toddler way.

He can also play chess.

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  1. It is settled. Jack is a genius. A toddler who plays chess? Amazing. :)

    I went through years of trauma with braces and rubber bands and definitely feel your boys' pain. It is tough not being able to open your mouth as wide as you want to. And when one of the rubber bands pops...look out!


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