A cousin on my mom's side had started doing our family tree at Geni. It is a really super easy to use free site. Yes, I said FREE. Now, it does say that you can upgrade to Geni Pro, but I can't imagine any other feature that we would need. There is so much for free.

So, I went tonight at mom's request and added things that I knew. It was actually fun! I don't like that sort of thing, but it was user friendly and easy. I recommend it to all.

Our youth group leader dropped out unexpectedly so today it was decided that we will each take a turn. We can't let our youth group crumble. I got the first Sunday of every month. Thank goodness we decided, for now, that we would just let them get together and hang out. No programs or much planning, just basically babysitting teens for two hours. I can do that.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr day tomorrow.
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