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Rock Hard Puppet Points

This morning, I have been deep into the closet of doom looking for this college yearbook. There is some question as to my puppet points over at the The Estrogen Fishbowl. In, 1991 and 1992, I was a member of a group known as Kids on the Block . In case you can't find me, I am bottom right, holding Brenda Dubrowski .

Kids on the Block was first, prior to that band, eww. Anyhow, We toured local schools and churches every Thursday morning at zero dark thirty. This sucked as Wednesday nights were "college night" at the local country bar, meaning dance music for a change. I did do the hand and rod puppets using bunraku, but my preferred puppet was Mandy Puccini. This is the point where I must mention Michael Babb, again. He is the skinny guy in the top right picture below. I am on the right in the bottom picture.

Mandy is deaf and therefore a two person puppet. Stay with me here. First, do your best " I am a happy slow kid" voice and try to say something serious without laughing. THIS was the hardest part for me.

I was the arms and voice. Mike was the head. I would put my arms down two empty sleeves of her costume and Mike would stand behind me, his arm across my right shoulder and hold her head in front of my face. Because he worked the mouth, but I did the voice and sign language, we had to be in synch.

He would place his hand up my shirt and UNDER my bra strap. "putting my seatbelt on", he would say. That way he was aware of my breathing and voice rhythms. I believe this helped his hotness factor greatly. Standing in a room of crowded people, all eyes on you with a cutie's hot hand on your bare back skin is very inspiring.

Our troop visited about 30 elementarys, 5 junior highs and several churches. We also were on television when the local station tried to make an afternoon "Kids Hour". This is one of the two times that I appeared in the circle at the bottom of the screen doing sign language.

We were to be the pilot episode, but the station never aired us. Sadly, my copy was taped over by my Dad a few years back. It was labeled Kids on the Block and he figured I had outgrown that band by now. I still haven't forgiven him.

In closing, I offer this gratuitous skinny picture of me. Of course, I thought I was fat at the time. *mutter*

I am second from the left, looking rather haughty as my character, Maggie, in "Lend Me a Tenor".
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